Ways to Volunteer

Whether you want to fight the flames, provide medical help and transport to the sick or hurt, or support those who do in a non-emergency role, a Delaware County fire company or rescue squad needs you now!

Here’s a little more about the many options:

Firefighters protect lives and property from fire and other hazards. They also rescue people from dangerous situations, such as car crashes. You’ll receive the training and equipment you need to stay safe while you keep others safe.

EMTs help people who are sick or hurt while transporting them to the hospital. State-of-the-art training and equipment is provided.

Fire Police keep call scenes safe and organized by directing traffic and controlling crowds.

Junior firefighters are teen volunteers who assist full firefighters and begin firefighter training that will prepare them to become full members at 18.

Non-emergency volunteers do just about everything else. Examples include administrative and office duties, building maintenance, community outreach, and teaching fire prevention and safety skills at schools and community events. Whatever your skill set, we can use it!



Volunteer Now!

Delaware County lives depend on YOU joining a Delaware County fire company! Protect the people and places you love. Make friends that last a lifetime.