Why Should I Volunteer?

There’s no single reason to become a Delaware County volunteer firefighter or EMT. Some of our members love the adventure, some want to protect the people and places they love, some enjoy the camaraderie of a firehouse or rescue squad family.

Whatever your reason, giving back to your community as a volunteer first responder comes with many benefits:

  • The mission of keeping your family, friends, and neighbors safe provides a powerful sense of purpose. There’s no feeling like it.
  • New skills and experience can help in all facets of your life, and may help you advance in or change your career.
  • Working as a team creates a strong sense of belonging.
  • You will build life-long friendships.
  • You may receive a local tax break.
  • Some fire/EMS companies offer free, on-site housing for volunteers.

Volunteer now! Lives Depend On It!


Volunteer Now!

Delaware County lives depend on YOU joining a Delaware County fire company! Protect the people and places you love. Make friends that last a lifetime.